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Designers in Residence 2008

  1. Freddie Yauner, Bench Marking
  2. Matthew Falla + Lea Jagendorf
  3. Jethro Macey, Spyhole Wall
  4. Tom Drysdale, Creativity Machine
  5. Sarah Angold, Lumen Materia
  6. Adrian Westaway + Ben Storan, Meme Project

10 September 2008 – 27 October 2008

Designers in Residence is an annual exhibition inviting a group of emerging designers to transform different areas of the museum with their work. 2008's residents were chosen for their experimental approach to design and were subsequently invited to create installations responding to the theme of collections and the notion of collecting.

Exhibits included a contemporary interpretation of the Curiosity Cabinet, by Jethro Macey, which gave visitors a special glimpse of unusual collections and a Creativity Machine, by Tom Drysdale, which presented the various paths and decisions a designer faces during the design process. The current Guinness World Record holder for making the highest popping toaster, Freddie Yauner, created a Continuous Bench which flowed in and out of the Design Museum Tank. There was also a touch sensitive Interactive Wall, by Matthew Falla + Lea Jagendorf, which allowed visitors to view key design items from the museums permanent collection, as well as a dynamic spinning installation by Adrian Westaway + Ben Storan that that reacted to biological emotions.

The 2008 Designers in Residence:
Tom Drysdale
Matthew Falla + Lea Jagendorf
Jethro Macey
Adrian Westaway + Ben Storan
Freddie Yauner
Sarah Angold

Generously supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and the Tallow Chandlers' Company.

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