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Designers in Residence

Installation images
Photographed by: Luke Hayes ©

  1. Design Museum, 2007
  2. Finn Magee 2007
  3. Richard Sweeney,
  4. Chris O'Shea, 2007
  5. Sarah van Gameren, 2007
  6. Tomás Alonso, 2007

12 September 2007 – 14 October 2007

Designers in Residence, is a free, annual exhibition that forms part of the London Design Festival. A group of talented new product and furniture designers, all of whom have graduated within the last five years, are invited to transform an area of the Design Museum.

Presenting original concepts combined with unconventional techniques and sophisticated new technologies, the exhibition captured some of the prevailing themes in contemporary design culture.

The 2007 Designers in Residence:
Sarah van Gameren
Chris O’Shea
Tomás Alonso
Richard Sweeney
Finn Magee

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